Reset Beads "Adjustable Waist"

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What is the purpose of these waistbeads? Well, first off, they are handcrafted in Ghana and are worn for women that are coming into age as an adolescent. The price is per strand, and since it is handcrafted, it will NEVER tarnish or rust. We tweaked it so not only does it look great, but you know when you're losing weight!

These adjustable waistbeads are designed to help women see, day in & day out, that they're losing fat, not weight, on my program. With every 5 pounds, you'll be able to take a couple of inches off the strand, and in real-time, you'll physically SEE how much weight you’ve lost on my program. Once you finish the program, you'll appreciate the daily reminder of seeing something you accomplished by yourself on your body. Waistbeads look great with your 4-pack underneath there, trust me.

Each waistbead comes with a free eBook. If you do buy one, send me a screenshot via DM. I would love to meet my clients who are ready to change their lives for the better. Let’s get YOU started on your journey!